Community leaders and friends from across Plano ISD and across the political spectrum all agree that Tarrah is the best choice for Plano ISD Board of Trustees, Place 4.


John Muns

The work that Tarrah’s put into being a part of the education system is exactly what you’re looking for in a Plano ISD Trustee. This is someone who wants to do selfless work to make the school system educate all our kids equally and at the highest level they can, and that’s what’s really important

John Muns Plano

Rick Cinclair

We are a District of Excellence. We are excellent in so many ways, but we are not perfect. Tarrah is someone who asks the question, Why Not? How about this? She has her own ideas, but she also is a good listener and she listens first.

Rick Cinclair Co-Chair, Plano ISD Future Forward Task Force


Katherine Chan Goodwin Candidate - Plano ISD Board of Trustees, Place 7

Mary Jacobs

Plano is lucky to have a servant leader who's willing to step up and meet the enormous demands in time and energy required to serve on the Plano ISD Board. Plano citizens can lend Tarrah their support and their votes with confidence.

Mary Jacobs writer and author of two books about Plano history

Melinda Marshall

Ensuring that each and every student has the tools available to reach their full potential is always the mission that Tarrah keeps us in focus on. As our community has been enriched by diversity, Tarrah has been key in parent outreach. We now have a fully bilingual spirit store and we have chess club parents that actually know how to play chess leading Chess Club. Tarrah is never hesitant to take the first step, extend the first hand, or go above and beyond when trying to ensure the success of our students. When learning of Tarrah's desire to serve our community in this capacity, I felt nothing but pure joy. I have seen her passion, her work ethic, dedication, and commitment first hand that have caused positive and lasting ripples in our school and in our community. There is no doubt that Tarrah's involvement on the Plano ISD School Board would be to our great benefit.

Melinda Marshall Former President, Hickey Elementary PTA


When I think about a school board Trustee, I think about empathy. I think about someone who listens and understands the district as a liaison between the community and the district as a whole, being an advocate for our students as well as our teachers and our families. And having served with Tarrah, her empathy shows. Her determination, her ability to listen even with those that happen to disagree with her. As a product of Plano ISD, I look forward to the day we elect Tarrah

Dylan M. Rafaty Former VP-Programs, Plano ISD Council of PTAs and Award-winning Disability Rights Activist

Tarrah has put in years of work, time, effort and built relationships across so many parts of our district - she's hard to match in terms of experience, credibility and knowledge. I know she would make the most effective trustee and deserves Place 4. Our Parent, Teacher and Students would greatly benefit by having her serve as a PISD trustee.

Abbie Alter Founder of planomoms.com


Jenelle Berry-Cook Leadership Plano, Class 39

Misty and Nathan Blasingame Plano

Lindi Buscetta Plano

Tarrah does what she says she will do always. She can be counted on to jump in where needed.

Terri and Curtis Childress Plano

Kavita and Sumesh Chopra Plano

Heather and Chris Coleman Plano

Paul and Nancy Hart PTA supporters, former KQUIPS volunteers ("Keep Quality in Plano Schools"), community services


Marshall Jackson Co-Chair, Plano ISD Future Forward Task Force

Judy Jackson Plano

Anna and Brian Killebrew Plano

Rhonda Kinsey Plano


We support Tarrah Lantz because she is a qualified and compassionate leader in the Plano community that values public education. We have seen her leadership skills through the Council of PTAs and the PISD Education Foundation which gives her firsthand knowledge of how Plano ISD operates. In addition, she is also a PISD parent giving her a family's perspective on the struggles and challenges in our public education system today. Finally, Tarrah is an advocate for all students.

Elisa & Michael Klein Plano

I am writing this letter of endorsement for Tarrah Lantz as a candidate for Plano ISD School Board. During our time working together as PTA officers, I had the opportunity to observe Tarrah's leadership and problem-solving skills firsthand, and I can confidently say that she would make an excellent trustee for the school district. Tarrah has a unique combination of being both an activator and a listener. She is willing to listen to the concerns and perspectives of others and uses her wisdom to come up with well-informed solutions to problems. As a fellow PTA president, I have had many opportunities to communicate with Tarrah about both positive events and challenges, and I was always impressed with her ability to listen to all sides of an issue. Her dedication and commitment to education are evident in the effort she puts into supporting and advocating for the students, teachers, and parents in the community. Tarrah is passionate about ensuring that all children have access to quality education and opportunities to succeed. She is always looking for ways to improve the educational experience for all students in the district. In summary, I am pleased to endorse Tarrah Lantz for Plano ISD School Board. I strongly believe that she will be an asset to the school district and will work tirelessly to ensure that all students receive a high-quality education. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information. Sincerely, Jolene Leask

Jolene Leask Past PTA President and Volunteer

Sherry LeVine Leadership Plano, Class 39

Tarrah has been a wonderful advocate for our children and an amazing PTA leader in our district. She has my full support.

Nermeen Lewis Murphy

Colin Marker Rocket Scientist

Kristin Marker Leader

Tarrah Lantz is uniquely qualified to serve as a PISD Trustee. Her PISD leadership experience, compassion, and dedication will serve the students, teachers, staff, and parents of PISD well!

Amanda Massengale Former CCDP Executive Director & PISD parent

Tarrah is the most qualified person on the ballot for the PISD school board, no question.

Katherine McClendon Plano

We enthusiastically endorse TARRAH LANTZ for PISD Trustee, Place 4! TARRAH is someone who has worked tirelessly and relentlessly to learn as much as possible about the needs of all PISD students. She is someone we absolutely trust to make the very best decisions concerning the education of all PISD children, as well as the needs of all PISD teachers. TARRAH LANTZ will be an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable asset to the Plano School Board and we eagerly endorse her!

Robert and Janet Miller Attorney and Community Activists

Tarrah is a a strong proven leader and community advocate. She will be an asset to the Plano ISD.

Honorable Omar Narvaez Dallas

As a former Plano ISD student and 24-year teacher in the district, I understand how important our school board is and how their judgement impacts our schools. Please vote for Tarrah and mobilize other Plano ISD voters to do so as well. Your community will thank you!

Debbie O'Reilly Plano ISD Teacher

I have known Tarrah for 10 years watching her activism, advocacy and hard work she has done as a Precinct Chair, PTA President and Advocate for Public Schools. She is one of the most educated and action oriented candidates I have known.

Vickie Parker 1)Chair, Precinct Chair Operations Committee for the Collin County Democratic Party, 2)Chair, Precinct 125-Richardson, 3)Former BOARD OF DIRECTORS-Plano Area Democrats

Craig Perry

By far, Tarrah is the most qualified for this position on the Board of Trustees. She’s demonstrated her commitment by serving PTA’s, PISD Council of PTA’s and more. She adamantly supports public education.

Craig Perry Former Plano Chamber Board Chair

Tarrah is exactly the sort of person we need on the school board. She has been an strong advocate and super involved volunteer with our schools for years. As a parent of Plano ISD students, she has extra strong motivation to continually improve and support our great school district.

Mary Ann Reder Plano


Abel and Laura Retta Plano


Tarrah is passionate and knowledgeable about children and families, public education and Plano ISD. As a parent in the district, she is not afraid to speak up for issues that matter to Plano ISD families. Tarrah is sharp, energetic and caring. She has a way of connecting with people that makes her a powerful advocate. We are excited to see the ways Tarrah will be a positive addition to the Plano ISD Board of Trustees.

Susan and Robert Rice Murphy

Jenna Royal Richardson

Amy and Mikel Saloma Plano

Debbie Schmittou Retired Plano ISD Librarian

I had the honor of serving under Tarrah with Hickey PTA. She was an amazing leader that served with compassion and grace. She always has what’s best for the kids at the forefront of what she does.

Mary Steen Former Plano ISD Speech Language Pathologist

Tarrah’s commitment to Plano ISD students, families, and staff has been amazing and inspiring to watch. I have seen her work tirelessly in service to both her local PTA but also the Plano Council of PTAs board. She has championed initiatives to have difficult conversations around diversity in our community in efforts to make sure all students and families are welcomed and included. She truly understands the importance of walking the walk.

Tiffany Tepper Plano

Dollie Thomas Plano


If I had to describe Tarrah in one word, it would be “dedicated.” She has spent years voluntarily in the service of our Plano schools and she is a fierce advocate for public education. She is an inspiring leader truly dedicated to making every child’s potential a reality.”

Ashlie Vieira Attorney, PISD parent, former PTA President

Tarrah has the experience and passion that makes her the ideal candidate for PISD board!

Leah and Don White Plano

Kari and Gabriel Yeamans Plano

Sherri Zemanski Plano

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